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The EDM Advantage

Electronic Design and Manufacturing’s commitment to our customers is to provide superior manufacturing services, advanced engineering assistance in design and manufacturing, and unmatched customer service. Our focus on customer service and building a long term relationship is what we believe differentiates us from our competitors, allowing us to better serve our customers. Our personal service allows us to be more flexible in helping our customers meet the ever changing demands of the global marketplace. EDM is ISO 9001:2015 registered, and is committed to continual improvement to provide a higher quality process.



Our commitment to our Customers:
  • EDM will become your trusted manufacturing partner, committed to delivering high quality products that we stand behind.
  • As our customer, you will receive the benefits of our 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and expertise, resulting in your receipt of product that you can count on.
  • We will provide rapid turn around on quotes, allowing you to receive product faster.
  • We will constantly review your products to improve manufacturability and reliability.
  • We will be responsive to changes, and help integrate the changes as seamlessly as possible.
  • We continually review and improve our manufacturing and quality processes, to stay abreast of changes in the industry.
  • We safeguard your proprietary information and interact with our customers and vendors in a professional and ethical manner.
  • We are dedicated to nothing less then 100% satisfaction; from on time delivery, to pricing, to consistent quality, we want nothing more than to be your trusted manufacturing partner.

Electronic Design and Manufacturing (EDM) has been a pleasant surprise. In this day and age we do not run into many suppliers with the "what ever it takes" attitude to meet our demands. We run a business that does not allow us any type of a forecast. And EDM has done what ever it takes to supply us with custom circuit boards on short lead time notice and helped us grow our company. EDM is not a supplier they are our partner.



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