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Thank you in advance for considering EDM for your project. In order to minimize the time required to return a formal quote to you, please prepare as much of the following items listed below in advance before filling out and submitting our Quote Form:


  1. Bill of Materials: Please have the current bill of material with the manufacturer names, part numbers, possible alternative part numbers and component locations listed. We would request this be submitted in Microsoft Excel format if possible. A sample BOM template is provided HERE. Please make note if generic or substitute parts are allowed.

  2. Gerber Files: Please provide a current set of these files. These files are used to order bare PCBs, facilitate testing or generate machine programs.

  3. Assembly Drawing(s) and any related Workmanship Standards required.

  4. CAD files: PCB file if possible. EDM works with PCAD, ORCad, AutoCad and Eagle.

  5. Special Tooling requirements: If tools will be provided, developed or consigned.

  6. Engineering Schematic : Useful for troubleshooting boards.

  7. Test Procedures / Specifications / Test Equipment: If testing is required, procedure of how to perform tests, who provides testing equipment, how long test takes.

  8. Does your project require programmed parts?

  9. Pick and Place files: To facilitate programming of the machines. X-Y placement data from the centroids of components.

  10. RoHS compliance: Does your project require RoHS complaint parts and processes to be used?

  11. Special Processes: Any special processes required, packaging materials desired etc.

We are very pleased with our partnership with EDM. We have used them for production orders and for prototyping of new product. Our build requirements and product lines make it very difficult to accurately schedule product builds. EDM has always managed to successfully pull in/push out schedules. In addition, EDM's Engineering Department has been extremely helpful in our prototype builds, helping us to correct and fine tune our BOM and also making recommendations for manufacturability to our engineering staff. We are very pleased with the responsiveness of EDM's staff.

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