PCB Assembly

EDM has 30 years of PCB assembly expertise for you to leverage. Although the equipment and processes have changed over these years, one thing has not - our commitment to your project.

Today, we utilize fully automated placement equipment to quickly and accurately assemble SMT PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies. Our three automated SMT lines allow a variety of projects to be run, and allow EDM the capacity to run any size job. EDM also offers a full range of thru hole options as well, from hand populated small boards to fully auto inserted PCBs. We tightly control and monitor the temperature and humidity inside our production facility to eliminate the impact of these environmental variables on the manufacturing process. Our entire production facility has an ESD safe floor, and all work stations have comprehensive ESD equipment to protect your sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge.


Customers can be assured that our 30 years of experience in manufacturing PCBs will result in a finished product that is second to none. Our customers’ products are proudly manufactured here in the USA with the advantages of low cost, no international shipping fees, and excellent customer service.



EDM's Engineers have provided terrific feedback with detailed pictures and illustrations in order for us to correct problems with first runs on our boards. EDM has been very patient as we correct our documentation. EDM has backed their products with great customer support.

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