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Quick Turn Prototyping

Do you have customers clamoring for your latest product? Feeling rushed to get a product to market? Have an absolute emergency order that needs to be filled? Let EDM help solve these urgent needs with our Quick Turn Prototyping services.

EDM’s Quick Turn Prototyping allows our customers to receive a small number of assemblies rapidly, often times in as little as 2 days from the order being placed. Our quick turn prototype service is performed with the same care and attention to detail as our normal prototype runs, but with a higher priority.
For faster processing, we request any Quick Turn Prototypes jobs meet the following conditions:


  1. Parts will be provided or a provided BOM with vendor, vendor part number, and all parts in stock.
  2. Bare PCBs provided
  3. Any parts not available at the time of production will not be placed.

For more information about our Quick Turn Prototype services, or to get a quote on a quick turn job, please call 402.334.8120.


Has always been extremely flexible with our production requirements. They have been able to meet emergency orders while still keeping the price reasonable. The engineering staff worked closely with us to keep our products compliant to the UL requirements.

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