ROHS and ROHS conversions

EDM offers a fully RoHS compliant manufacturing process, with segregated component storage, distinct part numbering, dedicated RoHS compliant production equipment and dedicated production workspace. We have worked with our bare PCB suppliers, solder manufacturers and component distributors to qualify and ensure continued compliance. Our RoHS compliant manufacturing procedures are implemented in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and are randomly audited to ensure compliance. We are happy to accommodate prototype runs and full turnkey production runs.

EDM also will help you convert your existing product line over to RoHS compliance, allowing you to stay up to date with the fast changing market. We can even help cross-reference obsolete parts to current RoHS compliant parts, and help keep your current product lines running. We offer RoHS component documentation and traceability as required by registering agencies such as UL or Factory Mutual. Let EDM apply our experience with making the leap to RoHS!



  • Convert existing Bills of Material to RoHS Compliant materials
  • Cross-reference obsolete leaded parts to existing RoHS components
  • Advise your design team to improve RoHS manufacturability
  • Use our RoHS compliant equipment and facilities so you don’t have to invest in new equipment.
  • Segregated Component storage areas
  • Build RoHS prototypes
  • Turnkey assembly runs.
  • Distinctively identified RoHS Compliant Packaging and Labeling
  • RoHS Component Compliance Due Diligence Documentation per Customer Request
For more information on RoHS and EDM’s comprehensive RoHS plan, please click here…


Working with EDM has been a pleasure. They are very proactive about addressing possible manufacturability issues. This includes recommendations that can improve product reliability and reduce time to market.

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